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  • Damage awards in personal injury cases are for the purpose of compensating the injured person for the losses that he or she suffered as the result of the accident and injury. These generally include things like loss of ability to work, lost wages, medical expenses, and pain and suffering. Though damage awards vary case by [...]

  • Accidents and injuries happen: In fact, each year there are more than 31 million injuries in the United States that require some form of medical attention. However, not all people know when to seek legal advice for injury, even if they have been badly hurt. Although personal injury cases comprise around 60% of all trials [...]

  • Any one who believes that they were wrongfully accused of a crime has the legal right to appeal the criminal case brought against them with the assistance of a criminal appeal attorney. Legal errors may occur due to a variety of reasons that would benefit from an effort to find an attorney that specializes in [...]

  • If you’ve ever done any law research on legal statutes having to do with the rules of the road, you probably encountered laws forbidding speeding, talking on cell phones, drunk driving, and other activities. However, if you kept at it, your legislative history research would probably yield some other, weirder rules. Here are a few [...]

  • People who are unsure about hiring an attorney after a car accident often wonder what exactly car accident lawyers can do, especially since most people are hoping to avoid a lawsuit. While there are a wide range of duties a lawyer may take on (or delegate) depending on the individual nature of the situation, there [...]

  • Auto accidents happen every day, but the statistics on car accidents show that in the U.S., a fatal accident occurs every 15 minutes. When a serious accident involves one of your family members or someone close to you, it is necessary to obtain an experienced wrongful death lawyer to file the lawsuit. It is impossible [...]