Appealing Criminal Charges

Civil appeals lawyer

Any one who believes that they were wrongfully accused of a crime has the legal right to appeal the criminal case brought against them with the assistance of a criminal appeal attorney. Legal errors may occur due to a variety of reasons that would benefit from an effort to find an attorney that specializes in arguing criminal cases, including a lack of evidence or simply incorrect information provided on your case that needs to be rectified and disputed. When faced with the difficult task to find an attorney, it is important to consider their success rate with similar cases to your own.
As stated in the Sixth Amendment to the constitution, you have the right to a criminal defense attorney when charged with a criminal accusation. When a federal appeal law firm gets your case they will analyze the validity of the charge that was made with the help of the criminal appeals lawyer that is on your case and then move to make an appeal if it seems appropriate. When an appeal is made the case gets presented to a higher court that determines if the conviction was made under the correct legal procedures without error that would have affected the conviction or the sentencing. When arguing the outcome of a suspected wrongful allegation, the petition to the Supreme Court must be placed within 90 days of the outcome or judgement on the case. These petitions go to the federal circuit court, also known as the U.S. court of appeals. The court is segmented into 13 judicial courts based on regional boundaries, each of which has its own court of appeals where tens of thousands of cases are presented to be considered for review.

To find an attorney to defend you in the case o a wrongful conviction is a daunting task but one that must be taken vary seriously to achieve the positive, appealed outcome of your case.

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