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  • Product liability has the second highest median damage awards of all types of personal injury lawsuits, at $300,000. It is second only to medical malpractice, which usually amounts to twice that, but product liability is actually pretty common and can happen more often than you think. Each year, thousands of people are injured while they [...]

  • Family law has come a long way. While many people associate family with divorce proceedings, family law also encompasses a variety of other legal matters, including paternity disputes, child custody, support, and visitation, surrogacy, same-sex marriages, and even prenuptial agreements for pets (yes, these are a real and increasingly popular thing). Going through a domestic [...]

  • While popular culture often depicts private detectives as mysterious figures who walk a fine line between right and wrong, today’s private investigation services offer a variety of legitimate services to equally diverse clients. For example, many private investigation companies are hired by banks to prevent insurance fraud and other financially-motivated crimes. However, many people may [...]

  • Believe it or not, the legislative history of video game law is bigger than you might think. There are tons of legal statutes, federal statutes and regulations that control who can buy what type of game, and what type of content games can even have. Here’s what we found out about these odd, niche legal [...]