3 Leading Reasons Why People Get Divorced

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While it causes a great deal of hardship and emotional distress, divorce is an extremely difficult thing to deal with — especially when you have a family. Ideally, no one wants to get divorced. But the reality is that around 42% of all couples in the US end up saying ‘I don’t’, calling upon their divorce lawyer for a separation and ultimate divorce, dealing with custody issues and the rest of the mess that results from the un-union.
But why does divorce happen? Experts say that there are four main reasons why couples get divorced:

  1. Fincancial Discord
    As the late, great, Notorious B.I.G. once said, more money, more problems. And for many, the opposite can be true too. Actually — money tends to generate problems in a general sense. In fact, a recent study showed that couples who argue over money matters at least once a week are around 30% more likely to file for divorce as compared to individuals who dispute over financial manners a few times a month. Money isn’t just about paying the bills — it can also be tied up in a person’s ego and self-worth. Because of this, it often leads the most dedicated of couples to ruin.
  2. Lack of Intimacy
    While many think that adultery is the leading cause of divorce, adultery is often a product of a profound lack of intimacy within a marriage. For example, in a recently surveyed mediation group, 25% of the people attributed their divorce to adultery. However, 70% of them attributed their divorce to a lack of intimacy. As you can see, the two go hand in hand. Failing to stay close with your partner physically and emotionally can lead to a sense of alienation, and ultimately, a loss of loyalty and trust.
  3. Lack of Communication
    Marriage is about growth — ESPECIALLY when two people have been together for quite some time. However, if there isn’t any communication transpiring while this growth takes place, then it will soon become difficult for partners to relate to one another.

Divorce can be difficult, but with the help of a good divorce lawyer, the process will be as smooth as it can be.

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