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Bankruptcy, Personal Injury And Workers Comp Why You Need A Lawyer

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Your success is only as good as your resources. This applies to nearly any area of your working life…so why wouldn’t it when you find yourself in a bind? Auto claims, workers compensation benefits and bankruptcies affect people every single day. Stress doesn’t wait for a good day to strike and can only worsen when you insist on fighting every battle alone. The aid of a lawyer will ensure that your journey to financial stability and emotional stability is much smoother.

I Need To Apply For Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is the financial definition of throwing in the towel and starting over. Your success rate is much higher when you apply for the aid of a bankruptcy attorney. Statistics have shown the success rate for Chapter 7 bankruptcies, for example, being as high as 95% when a professional eye is involved. The average Chapter 7 case can cost as low as $1,500 and as high as $3,000. Personal bankruptcies are also more common nowadays than business bankruptcies, with the latter only reaching 3% on average. Bankruptcy lawyers are familiar with each unique bankruptcy case to better address what you need to do to get a fresh start.

I Need Workers Compensation Benefits

Losing your job due to injury, illness or personal issues is difficult enough. Workers compensation benefits can help you through this rough spot in your life and keep you from worrying about your finances on top of it all. Nearly 75% of states require all businesses, large and small, to have workers compensation laws in place. Whether or not you apply will depend on where you live, the details of your situation and the attorney you’re working with. This can sometimes lead to applying for personal injury.

I Have Suffered A Personal Injury

A personal injury can prevent you from working. This can be as minor as a sprained ankle or multiple broken bones. Being unable to work means you’ll have a harder time paying your bills. One thing leads to another, so it only stands to reason you need help breaking a potentially vicious cycle. Over 20% of slip and fall incidents result in over a month away from work, with an estimated 85% of all workers compensation claims (and subsequent workers compensation benefits) stemming from slipping on wet floors.

Social Security

People of different backgrounds, budgets and abilities live on social security. This government supplied financial net allows you to better live your day-to-day life when you are unable to work a full-time job. Elderly persons and those with disabilities are the most common beneficiaries of social security, though even these demographics are changing slowly. Studies have shown a little over one out of four young adults will qualify for disability claims.

Divorce Process

The need for a divorce lawyer has become more widespread. Although there are still marriages occurring on a daily basis, divorce rates are more common than ever. It can take months for your divorce papers to be filed and processed. This can be even longer depending on factors such as adding a restraining order or applying for child custody. A divorce attorney can walk you through each and every step needed to get your life back in order.

How To Apply For A Lawyer

Can you afford a lawyer? Which attorney do you need to help you with paperwork, court hearings and insurance applications? Your local law firm can assist you on your way to finding the ideal legal guide. Claiming workers compensation or receiving a disability claim will be much more difficult if you’re not sure what you’re up against. You can also end up wasting valuable time learning legal jargon or fumbling with the wrong paperwork. Over one million people will file for bankruptcy every year.

A lawyer not only saves you time, they save you money down the road.

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