Divorce Court Dilemmas Common Issues With Child Support Cases

Erica heinze

In the United States, divorces are unfortunately more common than ever. Researchers have estimated that 40-50% of all first-time marriages in the United States will end in divorce proceedings. That amounts to one divorce approximately every 36 seconds, which means divorce attorneys are constantly taking on new cases. The logistics of a divorce, though never cut and dry, become even more complicated when there are children involved, and child custody and support battles can quickly turn ugly. Enlisting the help of a child support attorney can be incredibly beneficial during this emotional time, but knowing some of the common child support issues that come up in court can help you know what to expect.

  • Of the 12.5 million cases where the custodial parent is legally entitled to support, 75% of these cases involve a noncustodial parent who can afford the payments, but refuse to pay. No matter how good a mom or dad you feel your spouse can be, refusal of child support payments is all too prevalent.
  • Only 19% of eligible custodial parents received the full amount of child support mandated by court decisions in 2011. If a parent refuses to pay, legal action can and should be taken, and a child support attorney can be imperative in these situations.
  • The average parent receives 62.3% of the money owed in child support (which comes out to around $3,770 per year). This means that most custodial parents receive only $311 per month. These amount pales in comparison to what most children require.

If you are among the estimated 25 million parents who do not receive child support from the non-custodial parent and have not yet filed, hiring a child support attorney should be high on your list of priorities. The legal system can be complex and murky, and a child custody lawyer can assist you. In addition, if you’re in the unlucky 40-50% of marriages that end in divorce every year, having a consultation with a divorce lawyer can be vital in bringing your case to court. Having a team of divorce lawyers on your side ensures that you receive fair legal treatment.

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