Even More Crazy Lawsuits To Make You Scratch Your Head

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We’re back with another installment of bizarre-o lawsuits from history that will confuse and astound you. Step right up and see:

That’s Not My Wife!

A Chinese man sued his beautiful wife after she gave birth to a really ugly baby. At first, he thought that she’d cheated on him, but it was revealed that she’d been lying to him about something else. Before they were married, she’d gotten loads of cosmetic surgery, so her beauty was a facade from the beginning. Sounds like everyone involved should call up some burn injury lawyers. (From all these sick burns.)

Is That My Leg?

After amputating a man’s leg, a Florida hospital threw it right in the garbage, complete with the tags indicating who it had formally belonged to. Because amputated limbs are usually incinerated on-site, the man sued the hospital for emotional distress and negligent infliction. Now he’ll have two personal injury lawsuits to deal with. Hope he doesn’t drag his foot.

This Is All Your Fault!

A man is suing Apple for “allowing him” to access internet porn, which he claims has ruined his marriage. While he made some good points about the problematic nature of internet porn, the fact remains that he visited the sites voluntarily, and should possibly look into a brain injury settlement, because he’s not really making a lot of sense. (Someone call those burn injury lawyers back.)

Paranormal Hacktivity

Lots of people get injuries in apartment complexes. But when a young couple moved into a rental house with their children, they didn’t expect to be accosted by ghosts. Sounding eerily like the plot of a very popular horror movie, the couple claimed that they began hearing voices in the house, and that things came to a peak when they started having the blankets yanked off of them in the night. They even claimed to feel the spirit’s grip on their arms, and spotted its shadowy figure in the doorway. These fools need accident and injury lawyers, because they’re going to be real hurt when they accidentally get themselves kicked out.

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