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Four Huge Mistakes People Make With Bail Bond Services

If you are facing a criminal charge, know there are ways to get out of it. Maybe you have no idea how, but the bail bondsman will explain to you the bail bonds meaning. Your lawyer will lay out bail argument points if you want freedom as you await trial. When the court grants bail, your attorney will work with the bail agent to arrange for your bail if you cannot immediately raise funds. You may have heard of bail bond companies before but probably never considered using them to help bail your friend or loved one out of jail.

Bail bond agents help with various criminal charges. They can help with any felony charge, including assault causes bodily injury family violence bond amount and robbery. They also specialize in helping those arrested for drug trafficking offenses, such as possessing or manufacturing drugs, because the laws surrounding these offenses are very complicated and involve many statutes and court rulings. A bail bond company has many options for getting someone out of jail before trial or sentencing. However, if the accused skips a court appearance, it means a loss to the bail bondsman for failure to appear in court.

Have you found yourself on the wrong side of the law and are you in need of getting bailed out? Many people, including those innocent of any crimes, are required to post bond to get out of jail. A bail man (or woman) can help you secure your freedom.

If you make mistakes while trying to post bail, such as using the wrong address or going on vacation, you may end up in more legal troubles and suffer other issues. Also, not all bail bond companies are equal, make sure you pick the right one. And make sure you stay out of further legal troubles!

There are many different bail services that may be relevant for you and your situation. If you’ve been thrown in jail at odd hours, after hours bail bonds are often available. Need to get out quickly? 1 hour bail bonds can help you secure freedom fast.

How do bonding companies work? Legal authorities may require you to post a bond to ensure that you show up to court dates. If you don’t show, the money you put down for a bail bond may be forfeited. Don’t have the money on hand? A bail bond company can put up the money for you.

In most cases, it takes the intervention of bail bond companies when bailing someone out of jail. Court cases may come at the most unexpected time, meaning there is no money enough to pay the court bail.

What’s a bail bond agent? A bail bond agent, also known as a bail bondsman, is an individual, corporation, or agency that acts as a surety bond by pledging money or property as the bail for the defendant’s appearance in court.

There are several kinds of bail: cash bail bonds, property bonds, citation release, surety bonds, recognizance release, federal bail bonds, and immigration bail bonds.

How is Bail Determined

It is essential to understand the court bail procedure. Bail-in court acts as an agreement between a suspect and his sureties and the court that the accused individual will appear in court when needed. Bail can be issued by the police officer investigating or the police in charge of the police station.

In court, the judge determines the base depending on factors like the chances of the suspect committing more crimes after being released, the severity of the offense, and the suspect’s chances to flee from the jurisdiction before the beginning of a trial.

It’s not ideal but even good people need a bail bond service from time to time. When you find yourself on the wrong side of the law, you have the choice of rotting in jail until your see your day in court, or paying your bail so you can enjoy life until your court date. Depending on your bail amount, paying it might be out of the question. Bails are often set for thousands and thousands of dollars — sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars. This is where bail bond services are needed.

When you use a bail bond service, you pay them a portion of the bail amount (usually 10%) and then put a collateral on the line (usually property) and the bail bond service pays your bail for you. Yes, this sounds like a straight-forward process, but it can be a real nightmare if you do it wrong. If you need a bail bond company to get out of jail, make sure you avoid the following common mistakes.

Four Big Mistakes When Using a Bail Bond Agency

Using the wrong address

Let’s say you are in-between addresses and jot down a friend’s address while filing out your bail bond paperwork. Errrr. Wrong answer.It is imperative that every answer you give the bail bondsman is so accurate you could stake your granny’s life on it. If there is any inconsistency in the paperwork, especially if the bail bond agency has any reason to believe you are being dishonest, they could cancel your bond and you would lose the amount of money you paid them, often several hundred dollars.

Taking a vacay before your court date.
Let’s say you are looking at jail time and want one last hurrah before that begins. Taking a quick trip to Cancun (or even a location that is state-side) is a huge red flag that you may be a flight risk to your bail bondsman. Bail bond agencies stand to lose a whole lot of money if you hit the road; they are going to keep tabs on your whereabouts like a jealous girlfriend. If you take a trip while out on bail, it could be grounds for your bail being revoked with no refund. Don’t do it.

Getting arrested for the same thing before your case is closed.
While planning out your upcoming tangles with Johnny Law, you should avoid getting into more trouble for the same issue until the initial charge is settled. When you are arrested for the same problem, it shows your bail bondsman that the money they have on the line for you is an unstable gamble and gives them the right to revoke your bond, with no refund. It’s usually a responsible decision to clear up one charge before getting back into trouble.

Assuming all bail bond services do the same thing.
We want to believe that bail bond agencies are providing their services for the betterment of mankind, however this really isn’t the case. They are in business to make money. And the more bonds they write, the more cash they make. However, there is a limit to how much bond money they can have in escrow at a single time; this is similar to trying to take out a loan while you have too much debt in your name currently. This is called insolvency.In order to reduce their insolvency and take on more clients, some unscrupulous agencies look for ways to cancel your bond and put you back in jail (while pocketing your deposit). They can do this if you make one of the previously mentioned mistakes, or for a myriad of other reasons. It is important to do your research on the reputation and reviews that a bail bond agency gets before handing them hundreds of your dollars (or the money of your cosigner).

The best case for dealing with a bail bond service is to not get yourself arrested and to not need one to begin with. However, that is not always possible. If you have to go and get yourself arrested, it is important to know the DOs and DON’Ts of using a bail bond service. Follow our tips and you should come out okay.

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