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Getting divorced? How to keep your kids out of the complex situations

Divorce has become a completely normal part of life. Sadly it has become a very easy task to simply fall out of love and move on with life. This can be a hard thing to face with kids involved and there are certain things you should try to do to make things easier on your entire family.

Try to maintain a friendly relationship while in front of your children. You can fight and argue as much as you like behind closed doors or on the telephone away from your kids without hurting anyone but each other. Seeing parents fighting can be emotionally damaging and create a stressful environment that can follow them around everywhere they go. Studies have shown that children who witness their parents fighting suffer during school hours, have problems sleeping, and feel stress throughout each day. Keep the conversation light and avoid conflict when the kids are around and you can avoid any kind of emotional damage. Family lawyers will advise you on certain things you can do to maintain a healthy relationship in front of your children.

Don’t use the kids as leverage. Children are not to be used as leverage during divorces it can be extremely damaging and create hostility. Not letting the other parent have access to their children can create more fighting and a longer process in the courts system. These types of childish games can create anger, frustration and more stress than there needs to be. Getting divorced is already a long and hard process and shouldn’t be dragged out any further. Close to 50% of all marriages in the United States end in divorce. Family lawyers can give you tips on how to address a parent that is attempting to use the kids as leverage and what you can do next.

Never speak negatively about the other parent in front of the kids. You should never compare the other parent to anyone else or tear them down in front of your kids. It is super easy to be angry during a divorce and you can be frustrated and want to say bad things about the other parent at certain times, but it is best to bite your tongue and take the high road. You want your children to have a happy and healthy relationship with the other parent and if you only speak negatively of them it will begin to affect your children. Not only will they have all these negatively thoughts in their head but they will feel your anger and frustration creating a stressful environment. Family lawyers have heard all kinds of stories about unhealthy relationships and what you can do to make things better and help the process go by smoothly.

Child support lawyers have their work cut out for them in most divorce cases. If you have been given custody of the children you will be due child support payments. There are other child support judgements like 50/50 and other splits that suit each parents needs and the judgement usually goes by who makes more money or who has the children more often. If there was any violence involved the victim will be given custody of the children in most cases unless there are more complex considerations. Domestic violence lawyers can help make these hard decisions so much easier and support you during this stressful process.

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