What Do True-Life Private Detectives Do?

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Are you Sherlocked? For those of you not in the know, being “Sherlocked” refers to harboring an obsession with BBC’s television mini series, “Sherlock.” People all over the world form opinions on private detectives based on the only ones they see. In other words, most believe there is at least some truth in 90-minute episodes following the modernized Sherlock Holmes and Watson or MTV’s sensationalized reality TV show, “Cheaters.” Are these portrayals an accurate depiction?

Let’s keep things real. Even if you hire a licensed private investigator to follow your spouse, you are highly unlikely to jump out of a van with an MTV camera crew and confront them in public. It’s on TV for a reason — and trailing the spouse you suspect of cheating is only one of the reasons to hire a private investigator. Here are some more likely, true-to-life scenarios:

Scenario #1: You’re a Large Corporate Firm, and You’re Hiring

According to U.S. News at least half of all resumes contain flat-out lies, exaggerations, and partial truths. Hiring without an appropriate background check can be a critical mistake. Private detectives and private investigator firms can quickly and efficiently screen candidates’ resumes for inaccuracies and falsehoods.

Scenario #2: You’ve Got Some Computer-Based Digging to Do

Sorry, folks. Most private detectives are not outside — parked strategically close while still hidden — like Mike in “Breaking Bad.” A growing number of private investigator services involve some level of digital analysis. Detectives may analyze computer records, text messages, emails, and search histories for all different purposes. This data can come in handy for criminal, divorce, workplace harassment cases, and more.

Scenario #3: Someone’s Missing

Okay. Sometimes, it is like you’ve always imagined. Some private investigators will tail people (they call it “surveillance”), and you are welcome to call in a P.I. if you have a valid missing person case.

What does a real private investigator do? Keep in mind that, in all likelihood, most aren’t running around with reality show TV crew. Hire detectives to screen job candidates, investigate text messages and computer records, or dig up information on missing persons. Find more on this here: www.ecpinj.com

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