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Where and How Do I File a Temporary Restraining Order?

A temporary restraining order (TRO) protects a person from harm by another individual. Watch this video to learn where and how to file for a TRO. There are several reasons why people would need to file for a TRO. They can do so if they have been abused, assaulted, or harassed.

Anyone wanting to file a TRO can do so in a court of law or at the police station. This can be in a place they live or have fled to, where the incident occurred, or where the abuser lives.

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All these locations provide a restraining order filing service for people.

Once there, the individual must fill out paperwork and provide information about themselves, their abuser, and where they live. They must also explain their relationship with the abuser and state whether they have children together.
The next step involves explaining why they need the restraining order. That includes thoroughly explaining the incident and stating whether the abuser possesses any weapon. Once completed, the TRO is drafted, and the judge determines if they have a case. If declined, they can appeal to a superior court.


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