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  • The National Center for Healthcare Statistics reports that about two million injuries result in a hospital visit, on an annual basis. Somewhat shockingly, the United States Department of Justice states that about 15% of situations involving personal injury in America are due to the negligence or misconduct of doctors. In fact, about 98,000 individuals pass [...]

  • How many of you know what the Erisa rules are or what they have to do with? I’m guessing not many people. However, I am willing to bet you will be thankful for them once I tell you what it does. In the United States, ERISA was developed in order to protect the pension and [...]

  • If you are an attorney, you know that expert witnesses are highly-qualified and experienced experts in their field who testify their specialized knowledge during a court trial. Their expert knowledge can help inform the judge and jury of the facts, and in some cases can even sway a jury’s decision in favor of your client. [...]

  • Is domestic violence affecting your quality of life? If so, it would be wise to seek out a lawyer for domestic violence cases who can help to clarify what is the definition of domestic violence, what is the sentence for domestic violence in your state, and other related matters. Ultimately, it is important that you [...]

  • Have you recently been involved in a car accident that was not your fault and sustained an injury in the process? Perhaps you had a personal injury at work? In either case you may want find a personal injury lawyer who has years of experience dealing with personal injury cases, getting fair results for clients [...]

  • Did you know that one out of every 70 households in the United States files for bankruptcy? Bankruptcy is common in the United States partially because 43% of American families spend more than they earn. However, bankruptcy is a viable option for many individuals because it is a way to reduce or eliminate debt. There [...]

  • The very first state in America to recognize divorce in the just system was Massachusetts, who did so in 1780. Today, situations sometimes present themselves in which seeking the help family divorce lawyers is the logical approach. You may event want to seek out a divorce attorney who specializes in child custody or child support. [...]