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  • We live in a large, fantastical world that can, at times, seem a little bit weird. What might be a perfectly acceptable notion to one country might seem outrageous or borderline ludicrous to another. Case in point, there are numerous outdated laws seemingly without any legislative intent at all still on the books, even in [...]

  • Looking for a personal injury lawyer can seem to be pretty tough, especially while dealing eith the stress of having suffered an injury. Navigating through the complicated and confusing legal system can be tough, but can be made much more simple and less stressful with the help of the right personal injury lawyer. Here are [...]

  • Can you guess the one major reason why so many employees are terminated unfairly, and end up seeking wrongful dismissal compensation long after being fired or discharged? It isn’t because employee laws in the U.S. aren’t thorough or effective; it’s because the majority of employees are very aware of things that they aren’t allowed to [...]

  • We’ve all seen it on TV: Someone is shocked by the outcome of a trial and vows to appeal. Or a criminal “loses his last appeal.” But how does the criminal appeals process actually work? When Can Someone Appeal? Contrary to popular opinion, someone can’t appeal just because he or she didn’t like the outcome [...]

  • Did you know that, according to, trucking accidents account for one out of every eight auto accidents in the United States? In other words, trucking accidents aren’t nearly as common as many drivers think, but because the effects of trucking accidents are so much greater, they tend to come across as a much bigger [...]

  • Hiring a lawyer is a huge decision, so before you do it, there are two big things that you really have to bear in mind: 1. Do Not Be Afraid to Invest in a Good Lawyer Lawyers can be very expensive. Accident benefits claims cases are no different in that regard. Even though you are [...]