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  • Life is chock full of ups and downs and bumps in the road. From divorce, to personal injury, to devastating illnesses, there will be times when finding a lawyer to protect our legal rights is a necessity. Many people several concerns regarding how to find a reputable lawyer in their area. however, finding an attorney [...]

  • The statistics behind alcohol-related car accidents and the consequences for driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs are not pretty — not even a little bit. Drunk driving is never a good idea, and no matter which state you’re in, it’s always illegal. It’s easy to find simple connections with drunk driving cases — [...]

  • Let’s get one thing straight: getting caught driving while intoxicated or driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol (DUI/DWI) isn’t something that drivers plan on doing, and very few drivers (if any) intentionally get into a car while under the influence, with the hope of causing irreparable damage. Most times, drivers just don’t realize [...]

  • There are several people who may be responsible for a victim’s injuries in the event of a semi truck accident. These include the driver of the truck, the owner of the truck (or the trailer it’s hauling) and the manufacturer of the vehicle (or a faulty component of the vehicle) that caused the accident. The [...]

  • When imagining what injuries you or a loved one might incur in an accident, you probably imagine broken legs and painful backs first. But one kind of injury that receives far less attention is traumatic brain injury, or TBI. TBI can occur when the head violently hits an object or surface (such as a dashboard) [...]

  • Debt is an unfortunate reality for many people. Sometimes, however, that debt can become impossible to deal with. If you’ve experienced debts that cause extreme hardships, if you have debt collectors calling you, or if you are in danger of having property repossessed or foreclosed upon, you may be headed toward bankruptcy. While this can [...]

  • Do you run a law firm that specializes in personal injury litigation? Perhaps you are representing yourself in a civil dispute and you’d like to invest in a reliable way of acquiring admissible testimony from witnesses being deposed. Either way, it may make sense for your to work with deposition reporters who utilize video deposition [...]

  • One of the most famous inventors of all time, Thomas Edison, had over 2,300 patents for his inventions, but devices like light bulbs aren’t the only things that need legal protection. If you’re starting a new business, especially in the media or technology industries, you need to make sure that your intellectual property is protected. [...]