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  • Families can be tricky things. Although you hope that you’ll never need a lawyer’s help with your marriage or your family, the truth is, many families across America do. With over 850,000 divorces and almost 5 million women experiencing physical violence from an intimate partner every year, lawyers step in to help with family law [...]

  • Are you and your spouse separated or going through a divorce? If so, you have plenty of big decisions ahead of you, but you shouldn’t rush into hiring an attorney. Whether you are entering into a lengthy child custody battle or require very little mediation with your spouse, you’ll want to pay attention to these [...]

  • Lawyers and litigation get a bad rap in pop culture these days. (Jurrasic Park comes immediately to mind). Angry dinosaurs not withstanding, there are actually many good, legitimate reasons to pursue litigation. If you are involved or have been involved in any of the following situations, consider calling a lawyer today: 1. A civil disagreement. [...]

  • Personal injury law is a fairly vague industry, and although most people just think that personal injury lawyers handle all sorts of cases, in reality, most are specialized injury attorneys that handle specific types of personal injury liability. Here are just a few of the most common areas of personal injury law: Wrongful death cases [...]