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Prioritize These 3 Factors When You Choose Your Divorce Law Firm

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Are you and your spouse separated or going through a divorce? If so, you have plenty of big decisions ahead of you, but you shouldn’t rush into hiring an attorney. Whether you are entering into a lengthy child custody battle or require very little mediation with your spouse, you’ll want to pay attention to these three details when you hire a divorce attorney:

Most attorneys offer free divorce consultations these days.

Let’s face the facts: yes, sometimes hiring an attorney can cost a little bit more than you’d expect. However, most divorce law firms will give you a “try before you buy” approach when deciding whether or not to use their services. Your attorney should be willing to meet with you for a free consultation, so you can discuss the specifics of your case and think about whether or not that lawyer is right for you.

Your divorce lawyer should be collaborative, not combative.

When possible, a divorce can actually be a fairly agreeable option for both parties. Some couples just want it over and done with so they can move on with their lives. But a problem can occur when each partner’s divorce attorneys won’t work together. Yes, aggression can be necessary in particularly difficult cases, but couples who are willing to compromise should have divorce lawyers who do the same. Make sure that your divorce law firm will fight for what you need but also be willing to act on your behalf — not out of their own self interests.

Divorce itself isn’t the only area your lawyer should know about.

Yes, divorce law firms deal with exactly that — the divorce. But that’s not all. A divorce can involve disputes over property, financial assets, and even the custody and/or financial support of children. Additionally, your lawyer should keep in mind that every divorce is different, and that you’re only human. Be sure to hire an attorney who makes you feel at ease and offers support as well as sound legal advice.

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