5 Reasons to Call a Family Law Lawyer

Divorce process

Understanding what lawyer to call and when to call is very important when it comes to your family. Involving a lawyer is not always a negative thing, despite it’s stigma. Lawyers can bring organization, make disagreement civilized and get the answers that you need. Let’s going over a few things that family law covers.

Prenuptial Agreement
This is a contract that is done prior to entering into a marriage union. The two people involved can draw up an agreement for the division of property or assets should the marriage end in divorce. Many times there are clauses included, such as, in the even of adultery or if children become involved later on. Basically, it protects both parties against each other if things turn out less than ideal.

This one is fairly obvious, we know that divorce lawyers are very needed in the event of the break up of marriage. It is suggested that even if the couple decides to separate, it is not a bad idea to go ahead and include the divorce lawyer in the goings on, even if you are not quite ready to draw up the divorce papers. Asking legal questions about divorce and things pertaining to the break up can be very helpful whether or not the divorce is finalized.

Child custody
When attempting to procure legal guardianship of children, a family law lawyer can negotiate the terms between the parents or grandparents or whoever it is that is filing to custody. There will be many things discussed and possible home case studies done in order to find out who is fit to take care of the child or children. If the case becomes uncivilized, many accusations can be thrown around and it takes a good child custody lawyer to be able to calm down their client and remind them that this is about the children and that they comes first.

When a child wants to be out of the control of his or her parents they can petition for emancipation. A family law lawyer will usually be granted to the child in this case to find out why the child feels that the parents are unfit to finish raising the child and how the child plans to get along in life without them. Emancipation refers to minors.

Paternity Paternity tests or even fraud can even lawyers at times. If a parent is filing for child support, he or she must prove that the person they are filing against are actually the biological parent of the child. If a person is refusing to take a paternity test in order to not have to pay the alimony should they turn out to be the parent, the courts can force it upon them or have them held in contempt.

These are only a few reasons why a family law lawyer might be contacted.

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