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Are Dash Cameras Necessary in Our Changing Times?

Police officer body camera

You may have a piece of technology sitting in your car right now that captures everything that happens on the roadways. You may have heard that this piece of technology is great to have in certain situations, especially if you are ever in an accident and you have to show what happened. Dash cams are an integral part of our everyday lives now, and only gaining popularity as they serve a huge purpose in our society where it seems everything can be proven by what appears on a camera. A police dash camera system does virtually the same thing, except it helps shed a light on what happens when a cop is making an arrest and the events that unfold thereafter. This can lead to evidence in a case, and is of vital importance. Today we will look at the reasons why we absolutely need these cameras, and how the police dash camera system is changing the way we view the law.

Dash Cameras for Changing Times

There are many benefits of police body cameras
in a day and age where cases of police brutality are happening on a much higher level. In 2000, when dash cams were not as popular as they are today, only 11% of state police vehicles had cameras. However, today that number sits at 72%, which shows how high of a growing need we have in society. In 2015, about 1/3 of 18,000 police departments in the U.S. were using body cameras as well. The reason for their popularity? Well, there were many reasons, but we can sum that up with some helpful statistics: Police officers using cameras were about 25% more likely to consider their devices when interacting with the public. This makes it clear to see why incidents of police brutality have lessened incredibly.

It’s not just the public that is being protected, either. In a recent survey, it was estimated that 93% of 8,000 police officers have become more concerned about the dangers of their jobs. It is so simple for police departments to implement these pieces of technology that can benefit both officers and the public, which is why every department should make the leap. Perhaps over the years we will see more and more officers walking and driving around with police cameras on them, for safety reasons.

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