Attention Authors Can You Patent Intellectual Property?

What is intellectual property law

After years and months pouring your heart and soul into a written, musical, or otherwise intellectual piece, it’s finally complete. Proudly, you want to display to the world your creation. Now you want to know … can you patent intellectual property?

What Is Considered Intellectual Property?

According to the World Intellectual Property Organization, intellectual property is a creation of the mind. This can include designs, works of art, inventions, literature, and images, symbols, and names related to business. Forty percent of the United States’ economic growth and over half of the exports are all related to intellectual property.

Intellectual Property Rights

One may believe that if he or she creates something, that piece is automatically protected. This is a very, very wrong notion. If you’re working on a project for your company and a business partner takes your idea, you’ve joined 17% of victims. An additional 21% of victims report having their property stolen by former employers. Unfortunately, most small businesses do not have the funds to protect themselves or get help when information has been taken.

Facts About Copyright Laws

Copyrights are relatively easy to come by if you have proper funds. Simply register your work and find a good attorney knowledgeable in ways to protect intellectual property. Establishing a copyright helps to give compensation to the creative workers. However, much of this compensation is never received. The Internet has made copyright infringement incredibly common, with bootlegged product sales increasing over 7% in seven years. In fact, 9% of all products sold worldwide are counterfeit. Cheap designer handbags or wallets and highly discounted fragrances from shady corner shops, even one-third of software all usually infringe on intellectual property laws.

Before you get too comfortable with your work, be sure to hire a proficient attorney. Gone are the days you’re left to wonder – can you patent intellectual property? The answer is yes, but be sure that before releasing your creation out for anyone to steal, that you have sufficient funds ready to fight for your rights tooth and nail. Someone can hack into your information in an instant – get your property protected! Read more blogs like this.

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