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Attorneys Representing the Disenfranchised

Commercial litigation

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  • Alternative dispute resolution is the preferred conflict-management process in the construction industry.

There are many places where someone can have an accident at work. The majority of cases where people have accidents are referred to as “slip and fall” accidents, where a person has slipped on a floor and fallen. These cases can happen when a person is walking on a slippery floor, such as a restaurant floor.

There are other places where someone can have an accident at work. There are areas that involve a great deal of physical activity where someone can have an accident while carrying something, pulling something, standing on something, or more. A person can be carrying a load of goods and throw out their back.

There are specific places where someone might have an accident. An outdoor venue for instance, might require standing, walking, and carrying objects. Outdoor venues might be in garden center outside or in the back of a hardware store. An outdoor area might involve a park ranger or someone who is in charge of public areas.

There are specific jobs where someone might have an accident. Construction is one industry where people are more likely to have an accident than in other places. Construction is an industry where people use a lot of physical activity and operate a lot of machinery. In construction, a person may operate a forklift or other machinery.

This operation of machinery and physical activity can lead to an injury. Sometimes this injury is no fault of the person who was injured. They might have been following protocol, all the guidelines, and have been trained. But injuries happen, and in some cases a person might be out of work for months or years. In this case, there is workers’ compensation.

But sometimes the company won’t willingly pay.

There are cases where people need an attorney to help with personal injuries. And there are cases where construction companies need an attorney to help with damages caused by an accident in the workplace. Construction companies hire insurance companies to provide a detailed risk plan that covers damages. But sometimes the insurance company doesn’t pay.

Both situations, with the insurance company and with the construction company who won’t pay the worker, involve negligence and proving something in court. Both situations involve fighting the other side and both situations involve proving that a certain set of circumstances existed before the event occurred.

For construction companies, they may find the need to hire a commercial real estate law firm to help with the process of recouping money. The commercial real estate law firm will know the ins and outs of real estate law, if they are experienced, and they will know how to fight the insurance companies in court.

A commercial real estate law firm is likely to be staffed by multiple people, including multiple attorneys. This can lead numerous people to handle the case. A commercial real estate law firm can help the construction company fight the case in arbitration or in court.

Someone who has been injured in an accident in the workplace can hire a personal injury attorney to do roughly the same thing, which is fight the opponent and win a settlement in court or arbitration for the amount of wages that was lost. This can be a great boon for a worker who has been out of work.

Attorneys can help a great deal to recoup damages from instances. These instances can include neglect, intent to injure, violating policies, and more. A person who has been injured can seek a personal injury attorney, while a construction company that has had their insurance policy changed can fight with a commercial real estate law firm.

They are helpful for many who need them.

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