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Protecting Yourself Following an Accident

Car accidents

Getting blindsided by life can be rough. In particular, being blindsided by serious injury can drastically affect you and your families quality of life. When an accident and/or injury comes at the fault of someone else, well, that is downright infuriating. Yet, you should know that if an accident comes about due to the fault of someone else, you might have the right to monetary compensation.

Personal injuries, injuries sustained to you and caused by the negligence of another person/party, are serious events. If you are seriously injured, it can lead towards you missing work, losing pay, having to pay for serious medical treatments, and more. If you do not have insurance and are at the behest of your injuries, those payments will end up having to come out of your own pocket. But, when someone else is to blame for the causation, they should likely be paying for it instead.

Under such circumstances, where you are injured due to someone else’s negligence, you should consider seeking out the help of a personal injury lawyer. A personal injury lawyer (sometimes referred to as a personal injury attorney) can properly help you move through the laws and bylines that must be followed when undertaking a personal injury claim. There job is to represent you against the negligent party, while understanding how you were injured, what the monetary and physical fallout has been following said accident, and then creating a claim such that you can seek reparations for your damages.

Personal injury claims can stem from a number of reasons, whether that comes from workplace injury or car accidents, and a personal injury lawyer will help you to create a strong, willing case.

Workplace injuries happen when workers are injured on-site, due to the negligence of faulty equipment, poor management, or simply being hurt while working on-site. Most workplace injuries will result in workers comp, a means of a company paying out in response to time missed from the job-site (due to injury), but, while most Workers’ Comp claims in South Carolina can pay well over $800 per week, it might not be enough. In these types of cases, a personal injury lawyer can create a claim so that you might receive further compensation, such that you are not unnecessarily docked of pay.

Car accidents come at you quickly, and in South Carolina there was a car accident every 4 minutes, just in 2015 alone. With over 56,000 traffic accidents happening within South Carolina in 2015, you are at a high-risk of being injured while driving too-and-fro. Drunk driving, speeding, texting/talking on the phone: A personal injury lawyer will help you construct a case that will defend you against the negligent part, such that you receive any payments for damages caused during an accident. It should be known that damage to a vehicle will not be covered by a personal injury claim; however, any physical, emotional, and mental damage caused by the accident, as well as the following medical treatment for said injury, should be covered by reparations sought out within a personal injury claim.

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