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Business Immigration Attorneys Offer Services That Can Help with Difficult Transitions

As more and more people struggle with the latest immigration laws and the separation of children and parents at the border, it should come as no surprise that there is a growing need for business immigration attorneys, deportation defense lawyers, and work visa consultants. In addition to all of the legal people who are involved, there are also a number of other people in a number of professions who are looking for ways to help immigrants who seem to have the cards stacked against them. From school teachers and administrators to doctors and social workers, there are many people in this country who are trying to find a way to find solutions to the mess that so many immigrants are facing.

Both Teachers and Administrators Serve as Valuable Resources for Many Immigrant Families

No matter what the status is for immigrants, their children deserve an education. From the elementary teachers who have classrooms full of children who cannot speak any English to the number of high school teachers who help older students navigate the challenges of helping their parents pay bills and watching younger siblings, it is often difficult to teach students who do not come to school ready to learn. Fortunately, there are a number of school districts that are getting pretty well versed in helping immigrant families.
Business immigration attorneys can help some adults solve the problems that they face, but children need services that cannot be handled by an attorney. Instead, it requires dedicated educators to make sure that children have the resources that they need to handle the difficult situations that they face. From solving the language barrier to helping children develop the communication skills that they need to process the things that they have seen and the places where they have been sent.

Doctors Help Immigrants Find the Health Solutions That They Need

In addition to many of the other challenges that immigrants face when they come to American, research from January 2017 conducted in a Drexel University public health study indicated that mobility has a negative effects on the ability of people to get health insurance and access to health care. Although nearly 84% of Mexican immigrants and migrants were found to have health insurance before they crossed the border, that number fell into the 25% to 50% range afterward. In addition, the ability to get healthcare dropped from 78% of all Mexican adults to between 47% and 60% once the immigrants and migrants crossed the border. Leaving their communities of origin, the study explained, also made health care access even more limited if they visit or return to Mexico. They experience barriers to health care access in Mexico because they are not covered by the Mexican insurance programs anymore.

For these reasons, many of these immigrants are not getting the regular care that they need to maintain their health. For children, this lack of health care can be even more concerning as these youngest immigrants are in schools and exposed to illnesses that they do not have immunities for.

Social Workers Offer to Bridge the Gap Between Countries for Immigrants

This study used data from more than 1,500 people in a survey of migrant traveling through Tijuana, Mexico, a popular border crossing point. The fact that as many as 30% to 40% of immigrants and migrants traveled through Tijuana means that this is an accurate sense of how moving in and out of the U.S. implicates the health care of these people. With a combination of help from business immigration attorneys and medical professionals the data is broken down into different phases to measure health care access in Mexico before immigrants left, what it was like in the U.S., and how it was in Mexico once the immigrants returned.

For the gaps that cannot be solved by business immigration attorneys, schools, and doctors, there are social workers who offer gap services. By helping immigrants navigate the challenges of finding a place to live and finding places to work, counselors attempt to offer the final pieces that are needed for immigrants and their families. In these uncertain times it should come as no surprise that there are many resources needed by immigrants.

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