Personal Injury and the Law

Americans driving on the roads today or workers who are in physically demanding professions run the risk of personal injury almost every day, and when a person becomes injured on the road due to drunk or distracted drivers in a car wreck, the victim may look for legal assistance to get compensation money from the at-fault party’s insurance company and launch litigation with the help of personal injury law and an attorney who can use that law for maximum effect. Personal injury law, in fact, is not limited to the roads; workers at places such as construction sites, factories, or mines are also exposed to hazards, and construction accidents can result in serious injury, making personal injury law relevant for the victim’s case. A construction attorney can help a worker who is hurt at the workplace to find settlement money or other compensation from the other parties involved in a construction project. How can this be done?

Personal Injury Law and the Road

Not all drivers are safe and fit for the road. Many Americans, in fact, are driving drunk or under the influence of drugs every day, and merely driving with a BAC (blood alcohol content) above a certain level is a crime in itself, even if no collision occurred. But often, there will indeed be a collision with other cars, trucks, or pedestrians or bicyclists, and when this happens, the injured party will want settlement money from the at-fault party’s insurance company. Sometimes, these dangerous drivers are not drunk, but distracted by handheld electronics (this is also illegal) and thus cannot see the road or react to incoming cars or pedestrians in time to avoid collisions. Finally, bad weather such as heavy snow or rain can reduce visibility and make the roads slick, increasing the odds of collision even if no drivers involved are drunk or distracted.

The victim of an impaired driver is urged to use personal injury law to launch litigation against the at-fault party and get settlement money; without a personal injury lawyer, a victim may find it difficult or even impossible to get the outcome they want. The at-fault party’s insurance company may act in bad faith and refuse to give the desired settlement money, and only a trained lawyer can overcome this obstacle on a client’s behalf. Similarly, if multiple parties are involved, this creates a tricky situation for blame and settlement money that is best left to an attorney to untangle. In any case, right after the collision, the victim may be in an emotionally charged state, but a lawyer will have a cool head and objectivity for creating an effective case.

Construction Safety

Personal injury law is also relevant to an employee who is hurt on the workplace. For this reason and more, entire law firms are designed for construction law, and the attorneys there are always ready to represent contractor companies or individuals who are involved in a construction project (and usually, multiple parties are involved). If a construction worker is hurt, such as from inhaling fumes or silicate particles, or open flames or falling, that worker may want compensation, especially if it is clear which party’s equipment or worker negligence contributed to the accident. Other parties in the construction project will have their own attorneys on hand, and these legal representatives will deal with each other to find the most effective and fair solution for everyone involved. This can also happen if a party in a project launches wrongful termination of the project, and the other parties’ lawyers may make a counter-case against this wrongful termination. On the other hand, if a construction site has too many incidents of injuries or late payments or other disputes, then instead one of the parties involved will use their lawyer to launch fair termination of the project to prevent further disaster. On a more preventative side, construction lawyers will also incorporate personal injury law into how they approve of a work site for activity. State and local codes and regulations for fire, air quality, noise levels, and more will be in place to make sure that all equipment and construction materials are used in a safe and proper manner to minimize the chances of burns, slips, inhaling dangerous fumes, and more.

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