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Do I Hire A Divorce Lawyer? Frequently Asked Questions About Divorce

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It’s not as simple as filling out divorce papers. Not only do you have to figure out where you’re going to go now that your marriage has been disbanded, you also need to factor in estate planning, child custody and even criminal law if your reasons for separation include violence. With legal separation law updated on a constant basis, a divorce lawyer can gather up all the necessary information you need to smooth out an already difficult process. Easily answered questions are listed below to help you get started and keep your stress levels low as you move from one area of your life into the next.

How Many People Get Married?

Marriage has been on the decline for the past few decades. Your divorce lawyer is already familiar with the rise and fall of marriage and divorce rates, putting you in the basic task of providing your general information and living will. Around 40% of first marriages will end in divorce. This rate is subsequently higher for second marriages, at 60%, and third marriages at nearly 75%. It’s estimated as many as 30% of failing marriages involve couples with a children who is 18 years or younger.

How Many People File For Divorce?

Where marriage is on the decline, divorce is on the rise. The United States sees over 876,000 divorces every year. That’s about one divorce every 36 seconds. Not only is this a difficult process for both people involved, many children find themselves caught in-between. There are more than one million children involved in divorce proceedings on an annual basis, making the aid of a divorce lawyer paramount in reducing stress in all involved parties.

What Are Common Reasons For Separation?

Every factor involved in divorce is a little different than the other. The most common reasons in the United States involve a lack of compatibility, financial strife and infidelity. For those that are separating due to domestic violence, a divorce lawyer can steer you in the direction of obtaining resources that can assist you with the separation process. This includes filing for a restraining order, relocating your assets and changing your personal information.

What About Child Custody?

Filing for divorce is one thing. Child custody is an entirely different battle that requires you be extra careful. The impact of an improperly managed divorce on a child can remain constant for years down the line, hence the importance of a divorce attorney with experience on their side. Once you visit your local courthouse and file the necessary paperwork you will then be transferred to someone familiar with child custody and all the details required to make sure all parties are satisfied.

Will A Divorce Lawyer Be Able To Help Me?

When two divorces happen every minute in the United States, it stands to reason there is a divorce lawyer who will be able to help with yours. Your first step is collecting your personal information, as well as details about your divorce and your reasons for filing. Although the process can vary depending on the unique details of your case, expect to wait anywhere from one month to three months before reaching a conclusion. With a divorce lawyer you can have someone shouldering the burden with you on your way to a new, and happier, life.

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