Do You Need a Divorce Lawyer?

It may be hard to admit, but once a relationship breaks down, you’ll need the services of divorce attorneys to complete the separation. Most people don’t want that to happen, and they fight against the idea of divorce, but it’s inevitable in many cases. You should be prepared with the right lawyers when that happens.

They can answer many questions like, “Can I contact my husband’s attorney?” You shouldn’t, as all communication should go through lawyers except for emergencies. Another question could be: “How long should I keep divorce papers?” Most people keep them for a few years, just in case, or they file them away along with other legal documents. It’s best not to lose them for a while.

The point of hiring an attorney and being proactive about your divorce is to prevent being caught off guard and having to ask yourself, “My spouse filed for divorce now what?” That’s the last thing you need during this complicated time. You or your soon-to-be-ex-spouse may also need to fill out a personal information affidavit, which can only be done with legal counsel, to start settling your affairs properly. Let’s find out more reasons why you need a divorce lawyer.

Uncontested divorce lawyers

You have known for awhile that this is a decision you have to make. You have tried to delay it and deny it, but the time has come to move on to a better, more healthy, situation. If you are finally finding the courage to contact someone about ending your marriage, you might consider contacting a firm of uncontested divorce lawyers first. It is possible that they can make the process easier and less expensive.

While every divorce obviously involves disagreements, an uncontested divorce does not always have to be resolved in the court system. In a divorce where the spouses can agree on the terms of divorce without going to court, uncontested divorce lawyers can help you reach an agreement of four issues at the center of every divorce settlement:

  • Division of all community and/or marital property
  • Division of all debt
  • Custody of children
  • Payment or division of child and/or spousal support

Uncontested divorces are able to move through the courts more quickly and are, therefore, less expensive than contested divorces.

Even couples with the best of intentions sometimes find themselves in marriages that just will not work. And while some marriages end in a messy, angry situation, others coupled are friends who decide they should no longer be living with each other as a family. It is these more amicable situations when uncontested divorce lawyers can be of the most benefit. Why spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on separate attorneys if the two of you know how you want to divide your assets, your liabilities, and how you will spend your time with your children.

While both men and women decide to end a marriage, in two-thirds of divorces are filed by women. Statistically, every minute there are two divorces in America.

Whether you were just too young when you married and have outgrown your relationship, or you are the victim of a spouse who cheated with someone else, it is worth your time to see if uncontested divorce Lawyers can help you settle your case quickly, efficiently, and less expensively. The cost of divorce lawyer fees can be lessened if you can stay out of the courtroom.

Even when children are involved, 29% of custody cases decisions are made without involving a third party. Although you and your spouse are parting ways, it is worth it to both of you if you can at least see if you can file a low cost divorce. Contested divorce forms are more expensive and extensive, while uncontested divorce forms and fees are less cumbersome.

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