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Do You Understand the Law When It Comes to Personal Injury?

It is not always safe to be a pedestrian. As the weather grows warmer, more people tend to enjoy being on the streets. This is a healthy and wise option that is not necessarily always safe. Per the GHSA’s annual Spotlight on Pedestrian Traffic Fatalities, almost 6,000 pedestrians have been killed in motor vehicle accidents just in 2017. Pedestrian accidents happen due to many culprits. If you are enjoying a sunny day out on foot, the number of accidents can climb up to 90% for incidents. No matter what the cause may be, do you understand the law in your area so your rights remain protected if you have been involved in an accident?

A pedestrian accident attorney understands the use of the law and is more than prepared to assist you with your case. Get the legal advice you need no matter what type of pedestrian accident in which you may be involved. A Gainesville law firm can provide you with legal help including vast knowledge and experience in and out of court.

The Culprits That Lead to Pedestrian Accidents

Have you ever come upon a street with an unmarked crosswalk? Intersections tend to be a pedestrian accident hotspot. Signaled crosswalks reduce the risk of crossing busy streets dramatically. An unmarked crosswalk, especially near parking lots, are accidents waiting to happen. Drivers pay less attention to pedestrians when they are focused on finding a parking spot, making unmarked crosswalks an extreme hazard.

A pedestrian accident lawyer understands the law of the road. Many accidents tend to occur for pedestrians due to improper lane use. City streets can be dangerous. When you add walking and bike riding on sidewalks to the scenario, more accidents happen. Bikers sometimes force pedestrians onto streets where they get hurt and involved in an accident. Knowing the law will determine who is at fault and how your case should be handled.

Left-hand turns cause three times as many pedestrians to be hit by cars than right-hand turns. Even if a crosswalk has a signal, people are not immune to vehicle-pedestrian accidents. This is especially true if a driver is not pay good attention and is looking everywhere but the crosswalk. Drivers tend to be focused on negotiation intersections while walkers tend to just look straight ahead.

Pedestrian Accidents Happen and the Law Protects Them

Substance abuse, alcohol specifically, tends to contribute to weekends and night accidents. An intoxicated driver could be involved in a pedestrian collision with 13% causing accidents per the Highway Loss Data Institute. Drinking and driving causes many types of accidents with pedestrian accidents sometimes ending in fatalities.

Cities are getting busier and the call for better roadways has been met with multi-lane, high-speed roads that are needed to move more traffic from and to freeways. What does this mean for pedestrians? More accidents for urban pedestrians near or on these roadways. Some of those accidents happen due to construction zones being poorly marked. Arterial roads tend to be less safe for pedestrians and cause more accidents simply due to the higher volume of drivers.

Can Technology Cause Pedestrian Accidents?

In today’s world of higher technology a lot of advancements have helped to improve life. However, some of those advancements, such as quiet cars, are proving to be a challenge for pedestrians. Battery-operated hybrids and autos are 40% more likely to be involved in pedestrian accidents who need to be able to detect traffic that is oncoming with their eyes and ears. This type of pedestrian accidently increases to 50% for residential areas with low speed limits of 35mp or slower with frequent turns and stops. Quiet cars can be quiet killers.

No matter what type of pedestrian accident you may have been involved in, gaining the advice of an attorney that can assist you with your accident is vital to your case. They have the experience needed along with an extensive knowledge of the law for your area. Make life a little easier when with their assistance.

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