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Effective SEO Strategies for Lawyers

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Law firm local SEO can help lawyers find new leads and grow their practice. You can do it all without investing in a separate marketing firm. All it takes is proper maintenance of your website and an active online presence. This video explains how gearing your website for local traffic will keep the benefits coming!

If you are engaging in SEO practices for your law firm, it’s important to keep in mind the market you are trying to reach. You may be doing a great job maintaining a strong online reputation, adding pertinent content to your site, and making sure the website runs smoothly, but not seeing your law firm’s search ranking improve.

This can be caused by a lack of focus on local SEO practices. If you don’t include things like your address, keywords with your location, and engage with the local community online, then your competition pool is enormous. Instead of going up against law firms in your area, you are going up against law firms across the globe.

If you are trying to improve your local SEO ranking, make sure you build a Google Business profile with your address and contact info. This will let Google know where you are and it will keep your search result ranking associated with other firms in that area. Also, include keywords connected to your location.

For more information, check out the video in the link above.

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