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The Cost of a Workers Comp Lawyer

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A workers comp lawyer can help get your medical bills and lost wages covered if you are injured at work. However, they come at a cost. This video breaks down the cost of hiring a workers’ comp lawyer.

In workers comp cases, the fee is set by law at 20% of the settlement you can get out of the workers’ comp case in the state of Illinois. There are two exceptions:

  • If you had a cash offer to settle your case and the lawyer beats it then he can take more.
  • Another exception is if the attorney goes above and beyond, then he can petition the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission to get more.

Some lawyers may never ask for more even if they do a colossal amount of work and an excellent job. However, some will. It’s hard to determine what your lawyer will do until after the case is over.

If you have been injured at work and are struggling to get the insurance company to cover your medical bills and lost wages, a workers comp attorney can help you. For more information on workers’ comp attorneys and workers’ comp cases, click on the link above.

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