Four Weird Gambling Laws From Around the Nation

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Did you know that the most money you can win in Maine by gambling is just three dollars? What’s even stranger is the fact that recent legislative history research has found that that legal statute is not the only weird gambling law out there. Here are just a few others turned out by recent law research.

In Alabama, It’s Illegal to Play Dominoes on Sunday.

Believe it or not, there’s a legal statute in Alabama making it illegal to play dominoes there on Sunday. According to the Alabama Criminal Code, anyone who engages in a game of shooting, hunting, gaming, card playing, or racing will be fined no less than $10, and no more than $100. This legal statute is a leftover blue law, which were designed hundreds of years ago to help keep the the Christian Sabbath holy.

In Louisiana, It’s Illegal to Gamble… Unless You’re on a Riverboat.

Yes, you read that right. Louisiana has a legal statute making it illegal to gamble, unless the participants are on a riverboat. Perhaps this was meant to make sure things were more maintained, or maybe it was meant to help the riverboat industry? Who knows?

In Oklahoma, It’s Illegal For Women to Gamble If They’re Wearing Certain Things.

Well, one specific place. In Schulter, Oklahoma, there’s a legal statute making it illegal for any woman to gamble if she’s naked, wearing only a towel, or lingerie. Perhaps this is to make sure they don’t use their bodies as an advantage over heterosexual males or homosexual women. This also leads one to wonder if the same legal statute also forbids men from wearing (or not wearing) the same things when gambling.

If you know of any other weird legal statutes that don’t seem to have any semblance of legislative intent, feel free to share them in the comments.

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