6 Things You Must Do After Being Injured at Work

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If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of injuring yourself at work, you need to know what to do. Getting hurt on the job, whether it’s serious or not, receiving compensation for work injuries can be a long, drawn-out process. If you don’t know what to do, it can also be a complicated one. It’s best to know what to do if you get hurt at work, as if you make any errors in the process, it could result in you not receiving rightful workers compensation. In order to know the correct steps, follow the tips below.

Report the injury to your superior
The first thing you need to do after getting hurt at work, no matter how serious the injury, is report the injury to your superior. You will want to do this as soon as possible so that you can prove the injury took place while at work.

Ensure that an accident report is filled out by you or your superior then make copies
After reporting the injury to your boss, you will want to make sure that they fill out an accident report. This is a key step in the process and you will need this accident report to eventually receive workers compensation. To ensure that this form does not get lost, you will want to make copies to keep with you as well as with your superiors.

Document all conversations and keep all files
Throughout the process, you will also want to record all conversations that you have with your superiors, as well as all legal advice. Any files that you sign or receive, make a copy of them so that you have them when getting your workers compensation.

Work with your boss to find medical care
Rather than going to your own doctor, you will likely have to follow what your work tells you. In order to get your medical care paid for, you will likely need to go through the medical care recommended by your work. Typically, workers compensation will pay 100% of your medical costs.

Follow all directions closely
In order to ensure that you receive your workers compensation, you will want to follow every direction very closely. If you choose not to follow any of the directions given to you, this may result in you not getting workers compensation.

If necessary, hire a workers compensation lawyer
For very serious injuries, or for those who are anxious about the process, you will want to consider hiring a workers compensation lawyer. While they do cost money, it may be worth it in the end to ensure you receive your proper workers compensation.

Unfortunately, work injuries are quite common, with 917,100 injuries and illnesses accounting for missed days of work in 2013. Receiving workers compensation is a long and tedious process, so it’s best to avoid risks at work in order to ensure you are not injured, especially if you are in a job where injuries are common. Surprisingly, orderlies and nursing assistants injure their back about three times more than construction workers.

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