How A Lawyer Makes A Difference In A DUI Case

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Everyone makes mistakes — and certainly, a DUI is a big mistake. But it’s not one that should ruin a person’s life, or cause them significant financial and personal hardship. With that being said, sometimes those accused of DUIs are not as guilty as they seem. Indeed, more often than anyone knows, police do not follow the correct protocol when making DUI arrests, thus potentially invalidating the charge entirely. With that being said, you can’t know until you find DUI lawyers who can stand on your side and ensure that you have the best possible outcome for your case. And remember: DUI cases need to be taken seriously. New DUI laws are made and changed on a surprisingly regular basis, making it difficult for the average person to know whether or not what they’re doing is actually legal. You would be amazed by the potential penalties involved in DUI cases — perhaps the one thing anyone charged with a DUI can be sure of is that finding a good attorney is a priority. You can’t handle this on your own; a DUI attorney is your best chance at minimizing the disruption this will cause in your life, and the damage it could do to your future.

What Does It Mean To Be Charged With A DUI?

It may seem impossible that anyone could be unfairly charged with a DUI, but this can in fact happen — and to those it has happened to, it’s a priority to find DUI lawyers ready to defend them. In fact, the charge of a DUI isn’t even always called a “DUI”. In some states, it’s given a different name. Ohio, for example, calls the charge an “OVI”, which stands for operating a vehicle under the influence. Most people think that the legal blood alcohol level is .08, but in fact the limit can change depending on the driver’s age. Ohio law stipulates that the legal limit for drivers under 21 is .02. Indeed, drivers under 21 can face even greater charges, as they can’t legally drink. And indeed, the charges that can be brought against you as the result of one incident can be many. Those who do not submit to a chemical test in Ohio may be charged immediately with a fine and an automatic license suspension, due to Ohio’s implied consent law. So what happens if you are charged with a DUI or OVI and don’t find DUI lawyers to defend you? What could the consequences be?
What Are The Punishments Associated With A DUI Conviction?

There are many different penalties associated with DUI convictions, and it’s difficult to know what yours might be if you don’t act with an attorney on your side. Although a plea bargain is an option for some defendants, it isn’t an option for all. Some defendants in Ohio have the option of giving a “wet reckless” plea, which is a conviction of reckless driving while under the influence of alcohol. A plea bargain could be a potential option if the level of alcohol involved was borderline illegal, there was no accident, and the defendant had no prior record. When it comes to a conviction, a personal who did not find DUI lawyers to help them can face a high price. In Ohio, a person convicted of A DUI can face jail time ranging from three to six months. Any DUI offense can also result in a license suspension ranging from six months to three years. Now, these penalties already jeopardize a person’s job. However, the fines involved are also steep. If convicted of an OVI in Ohio, the fine you’ll be required to pay could range from $250 to $1000. And for that matter, the fee required to have your license reinstated is $450. It’s clear that a DUI conviction can cause people a lot of problems. To avoid a conviction or at the very least a harsh penalty — don’t hesitate. Look for a good attorney as soon as possible.

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