How to Hire a Traffic Attorney

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If there is one thing that is certain about the criminal justice system, it is that the system itself is not perfect. Often, good people become tangled in a long process of courts, judges, prosecutors, and potential repercussions, all of which can be traced back to mistakes or minor offenses. This can commonly involve a combination of driving and intoxication; in such a situation, the best thing to do is to focus on finding a good traffic attorney.

While the legal system as a whole is complicated, DWI or DUI charges are far more involved and difficult than they may originally appear, especially because DWI charges in North Carolina are consolidated into three levels. What are the different levels of a DWI, you ask? Well:

The first and lowest level of a DWI is called a Level 5 DWI. Sentencing for this charge includes a fine, community service, alcohol assessment and suspension of your driver’s license.

The second level of a DWI is called a Level 3 DWI. This sentencing may include jail time at the discretion of the judge, as well as the penalties listed for a Level 5 DWI.

Finally, the third and highest level is called a Level 1 DWI. Sentencing for this charge includes a mandatory 30 days in jail with the possibility of up to two years incarceration. This jail time is in addition to the penalties of the other two levels of DWI sentencing.

Given the complexity of these sentences and the penalties associated with them, you may be tempted to simply face the punishments instead of fighting the charge and possibly incurring a harsher sentence. However, by finding a good traffic attorney, you are doing all that you can to prevent that situation from occurring. A good traffic attorney knows how to fight a DWI charge, and their experience in the specific area of traffic crimes often leaves them better prepared to handle a case than a criminal defense lawyer. If you’re thinking of contacting criminal law firms or working with a court-appointed defense lawyer, don’t waste your time: instead, contact a traffic attorney to discuss your case. Helpful info also found here.

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