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Is It Time to Find an Attorney and Ask About Divorce? Here Are 3 Signs It Could Be

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Have you noticed signs of trouble in your marriage? Are you thinking about separating, or have you and your spouse already split up? If you answered yes to these questions, then it may be time to take the next step and find an attorney to talk to about divorce. Why get a divorce lawyer? Doing so can make the process run more smoothly, and it can also make it clear how the divorce will proceed.

Not sure if you need to find an attorney right now? Here are three signs that it could be time to begin searching for a divorce attorney:

  1. It’s your first time divorcing. While some couples try to split up and go through the divorce proceedings on their own, this can be a mistake if it’s your first time getting a divorce. The average couple getting a first divorce is around 30 years old, so many are unaware of just how complex divorce can be. Even if you don’t have property to split up or any shared assets, you’ll still need an attorney to look over the details. If you have children together, you can ask about child custody and visitation, too.
  2. You have a reason to get a divorce. Has your spouse been secretive lately? Do you experience verbal or physical abuse from your spouse? If you have a reason to want to split, even if others tell you to stay, it may be time to speak with an attorney. If you’re wondering when to call a domestic violence lawyer, too, then you may already need to. As for issues like adultery, approximately 81% of divorce lawyers surveyed report an increase in evidence from Facebook and other social networks over the past five years, such as records of a spouse flirting through messages. No matter what the reason, talk to your attorney to find out what you can do.
  3. You’re simply no longer happy in the marriage. Prior to 1970, couples splitting up had to prove that one spouse had done something wrong or caused the marriage to fail, and they needed to give a judge a reason for the split. No-fault divorce, which can occur in all states except New York, allows couples to divorce for any reason they wish, citing only “irreconcilable differences” in their court documents. If you’re in an unhappy marriage, you don’t have to stay.

Have more questions about the divorce process? Make sure you find an attorney in your area as soon as possible.

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