Shocking Reasons You Didn’t Get The Job

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Having trouble landing a job? Surprising factors — some largely out of your control — may be influencing recruiting services’ decision not to give you the job. From the time of day to the clothes you choose to wear, here are some shocking things that may affect the outcome of your interview:

Say No To Coffee

Job recruiters, including top legal recruiters, will typically offer you a cup of coffee to be polite. Do not accept it, experts warn. Unless you can see a pot of freshly brewed coffee right in front of you, most recruiters and/or upper management will resent taking five to 10 minutes out of their busy schedules just to make you coffee. Remember, interviewers may not pick up on you saving them 10 minutes — but they will remember you taking up more time than they anticipated.

Avoid Early Morning Meetings

According to Glassdoor, the best time to interview is 10:30 a.m. on Thursday. Scheduling an interview first thing on Monday may seem ambitious to you, but it actually likely to distract your interviewer (even in house legal services!). Workers often spend the early hours on Monday catching up with emails and mapping out projects for the week. If you interview for the job during these times, chances are your interviewer may not give you his or her full attention. “Also, avoid interviewing pre- or post-lunch because your time with them will either be cut short or you’ll be left waiting for a long time,” Business Insider adds.

Tone It Down: Don Neutral Colors For Your Best Shot At the Job

The best colors to wear for a job interview are black, white, brown, and gray. Slight variations — such as a dark navy — should be okay. Experts warn interviewees to avoid bold and brazen colors, such as orange and yellow, at all costs. These colors, Business Insider continues frankly, “may be too loud for an interview.” Red is still up for debate. Although some say it signifies power, others say you want to be careful not to overshadow your interviewer.

Don’t ruin your odds. Increase your chances of landing the job by carefully scheduling interviews, politely declining coffee or tea, and wearing neutral outfits to impress in house legal services. Reference links.

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