Slip and Fall Lawyers to the Rescue

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One of the very first things that we learn when we are growing up and figuring out how to navigate life is that accidents happen. Unfortunately, some of these accidents can be more severe than others, and may call for the necessity of a personal injury lawyer. An accident lawyer with the right personal injury law firm will help to protect your rights and possibly get your medical bills reimbursed or other similar compensation. Finding a slip and fall lawyer should be one of your first moves, particularly if your spill was due to someone else’s negligence.

How a slip and fall lawyer can help

You may find yourself in need of a good accident attorney if you think that it can be proven that your accident was directly caused by another person’s actions or negligence. This could be a slippery floor or an uneven surface that is poorly labeled or not cautioned against whatsoever. A slip and fall lawyer will work to prove that the accident could have been prevented by more care taken by the property owner or business owner where the accident occurred. Though slipping, tripping, or falling might sound like an innocent enough accident, falls are the leading cause of hospital room visits. Falling accounts for 21.3% of these visits, or more than 8 million trips to the emergency room. Breaking that down further, slipping and falling specifically makes up more than 1 million of those visits, or 12% of all falls.

Know when to call a slip and fall lawyer

There are certainly just causes for wanting to hold accountable the individuals who could have prevented your accident. The unexpected medical costs that result from many falls can put a serious dent in your finances, and even initiate significant setbacks in your life. Recovering those damages can make a huge difference. A punitive damage lawsuit typically averages about $50,000 when it comes to what is awarded to the person filing the lawsuit. However not all cases can be proven. It is important to be well informed about the entire situation and the likelihood that it will end in your favor before you hire a lawyer.

Circumstances where there is no liability

There are plenty of cases where, though you may feel that someone could have prevented your accident, it would have to be proven, and there simply is not enough evidence to do so. One such example would be trivial defects on a property. The property owner would not be liable for someone who took a spill as a result of a sidewalk that was defectively raised a mere quarter of an inch from the surrounding area. The defect would have to be raised above the surrounding area by at least two inches, but on top of that, there must be proof that the injured party did in fact trip in that exact spot, because of that defect.

Life can be unpredictable. Sometimes it can be easy to expect someone else to pay for the misfortunes that you encounter. And sometimes someone should, and will. But as a general rule, it is a good idea to watch out for yourself and your family, and have an emergency fund set aside that you do not touch, just in case there is an accident that ends up costing you quite a bit of money in medical bills or recovery. One can only be so careful in day to day activities and encounters. Sometimes accidents happen, and it is good to be prepared for when they do.

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