Tips for Staying Safe on a Motorcycle

If you love motorcycles, you should start out with an easy and safe one, and simply searching online for affordable used motorcycles will give you plenty of options. If you are concerned about getting parts for replacement, try a search that is specific to your motorcycle, for instance, “ Honda motorcycle parts” so you can gauge the ease or difficulty of getting the parts. Finally, make sure to check the blue book value for a motorcycle before investing your hard-earned money on one. This will help you know its worth and if you ever decide to sell it, you will be informed enough to know the best price.
Remember that it is very important to take measures to ensure your safety while riding a motorcycle. A motorcycle helmet, for instance, is one thing you should never leave behind. You should also invest in a beginner motorcycle training course, so you can learn the basic rules and are better able to ride safely. Another thing you should do is to pay attention to other road users and understand that they may be distracted or otherwise unable to drive without posing a risk to you.

Motorcycle safety is incredibly important. It’s so easy to crash on a motorcycle either because someone did not see you or because you were not paying attention. The problem with motorcycle accidents is that they are often extremely serious, even fatal. If you get into an accident you or your family will likely need personal injury lawyers to help them. These are not cheap and even if you have a flawless case, it could take a lot of back and forth before you ever see a penny in way of personal injury lawsuit settlements. Try and avoid motorcycle accidents and motorcycle injury lawyers with these safety tips:

    1. Don’t buy a bigger bike than you can handle.
      Bikes are progressing very fast so if you haven’t ridden in awhile and are looking to buy a bike, or are a first time buyer, be careful. Even small engines can go very fast and are much more powerful than they used to be. Start with a bike that fits you. Make sure you can rest both your feet flat on the ground when seated and are able to easily reach the handles and controls. Definitely don’t buy a bike that is to heavy for you.


    1. Get anti-lock breaks.
      These types of breaks are lifesavers. Studies show that bikes that have anti lock breaks were 37% less likely to get into a fatal crash. Locking up the breaks when you panic can completely take the control of steering away from the rider. This leads to skidding and crashing and possibly serious injuries. Anti lock breaks leave you with more control during the emergency stop. This is especially helpful if the roads are slipper.


    1. Practice, practice, practice.
      Take a safety riding course to hone your skills. There are courses that can teach you the basics or you can go for a more advanced class. Some of these courses are even free in various areas. If you take a motorcycle riding safety course you will not only be better trained to avoid motorcycle accidents but you will probably be eligible for discounts on your insurance.


    1. Wear a helmet.
      For some reason, helmets are a highly sensitive topic to some riders. However, it has to be covered. Studies prove that riders that weren’t wearing a helmet at the time of motorcycle accidents were 40% more likely to become victim to a fatal head injury. They are also three times more likely to end up with brain injuries. It really is crazy to expose your skull and brain to the possibilities of death or serious brain injury just to feel the wind in your hair. Wearing a helmet can truly save your life.


    1. Wear the outfit.
      Leather does more than just look cool on a bike. It can protect you from the wind and bugs and it can also protect you from road rash, should you slide out. There are special designs that include breathable mesh and ventilation so that you can still wear the leather during the summer. Eye protection is important also. A helmet visor or goggles will work better than eyeglasses. The bike’s windscreen may protect you from bugs but will do nothing for you in the event of a crash. Wearing reflective gear is a good idea to so that other drivers can see you, especially at night.


    1. Be a defensive driver.
      As a motorcycle rider, you need to be a defensive driver. You need to be extra alert and look around enough for yourself as well as the other drivers. Don’t assume that they know you are there. Too many people are in their own world in their cars, on their phones talking or texting, eating, messing with their kids or the radio and will often drive erratically. Keep a good distance from surrounding cars to allow for reaction time should someone switch lanes suddenly or cut you off.


  1. Check the bike.
    Check your bike’s equipment before every ride to make sure that everything is working properly. Worn out brakes or low tires are major safety risks on bikes- cars to, but bikes in particular. It makes the bike hard to handle as the steering gets stiff and the bike resists leaning during turns.

Better to always be safe, than sorry. Check out this website for more.

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