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The Top Five Ways a Veterans’ Attorney Can Help You Receive Compensation

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As a veteran, you are entitled to certain benefits and any care you may need for your injuries and disabilities — both physical and psychological. And if you have a condition that prevents you from working, you are most likely entitled to receive compensation through the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, or VA. Since 2007, the VA has allowed veterans to choose their own veterans lawyer, which is doubly beneficial if you’re hoping to get compensated.

In many cases, you can apply for VA benefits without a VA lawyer — but if your VA benefits claim status is rejected, you will need to seek the help of a VA-certified attorney who can help you get the compensation you deserve.

To learn more about how you can benefit from seeking compensation for your disability with legal assistance, take a look at these five ways a veterans lawyer can help you get compensated:

1. Knowledge of the VA compensation and benefits system: Every veterans lawyer is required to be certified by the VA — which means that your attorney will know the ins and outs of a benefits system that may seem complicated to you. These attorneys deal with cases like yours for a living, so you’re guaranteed to be able to trust your attorney to know how to handle your claim.

2. Legal advice: As stated before, a VA-certified veterans lawyer knows your entitlements better than anyone else. Your attorney can help you make the right choices as you file your claim to ensure that you get the right compensation.

3. Less stress and more free time: Having your VA benefits claim denied can be a major source of strife, worry and stress — and filing a claim itself can be a huge time-consumer. By hiring a veterans attorney to handle your claim, you can let all of that worry go and spend your time on taking care of yourself.

4. Empathy: As a veteran, it can be hard to find an attorney who knows what you’re going through and is empathetic to your struggle. Veterans attorneys do their job because they know that today’s returning veterans are much more likely to endure a war-related trauma than any other generation before it, and that you deserve help with receiving benefits.

5. A successful claim for your VA benefits: Money can’t completely make up for the suffering you’ve had to endure, but it can help you properly adjust to your new lifestyle and live as independently as possible. Working with a veterans lawyer can essentially guarantee that you’ll be able to live a comfortable lifestyle — which is what every veteran deserves. Research more here.

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