Three Brutal Things an Auto Accident Attorney Will Tell You About Distracted Driving

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In the United States, there are more cars on the road than there have ever been. In addition to that, technology has given us more ways to be distracted in our everyday life. When you put those two things together, you come up with the potential for some incredibly tragic consequences. An auto accident attorney worth her salt will tell you it is never worth what was making you distracted if you have an accident on the road while driving.

Many of us are old enough to remember when distracted driving meant jumping up and down in the backseat with your sibling while your dad threatened to “pull this car over!” or singing too loudly along with your favorite pop tune on the radio.

These days, smartphones, tablets, take out food, and dozens of other issues can pull your focus from the road and put you in a situation where an accident can occur. Any auto accident attorney will tell you that you have to be proactive in your attempt to keep a driving record that is accident free. Here are three things you should avoid if you don’t want to find an attorney who will have to explain your car accident rights to you from behind bars.

1.) Turn your phone off and put it in the glove compartment.

Maybe you call it a glove compartment. Maybe you call it a glove box. Whatever that drawer-thing on the passenger’s side of your car or truck is to you, turn your phone off and put it in there for the duration of your drive. For some reason, everyone thinks that they are the one driver who can handle their cell phone while they are driving, that they have the skills no one else possesses. You do not and no one does. You might want to text your friends but do you want to deal with a possible wrongful death case? Didn’t think so.

2.) Pull over if you feel you must eat.

Virtually everyone will concede to the fact that texting while driving is a problem, even though many still try to buck the odds. But, people have been distracted while driving because of food since before Henry Ford put the Model T on the assembly line. While you are trying to put ketchup on your fries, you inevitably will veer out of your lane. Let’s face it: distracted driving is nothing new. Eating while driving is just as much of a problem as texting your mother.

3.) Give your children breaks on long road trips.

Even with all of the devices we have to keep our children occupied while we cart them around, there is only so much time they can stand in the back seat without a break. If you don’t want them distracting you with all of the screaming, crying, wiggling, and other such activity, try to plan some rest stops along the route of your trip so that your kids can get out and run around. You might think you are losing time, but if you plan well, you will all get there in one piece.

Distracted driving is a big problem in America today. And, with so many more cars on the road, finding ways to shut down the distractions will not only keep you and your family alive, it might just keep you from needing good legal representation if you get in an accident. Any auto accident attorney will tell you that the best defense is a great offense and your offense means taking care of problems before they become problems.

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