When You Should Contact an Attorney

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If you think you can get through certain legal battles on your own you may want to think again, with a lot of offenses and situations you’re just plain better off contacting an attorney. Especially, if you are in court for breaking the law, having a criminal defense lawyer by your side may reduce any sentencing or fines but there are other benefits. Here are four main circumstances in which you should contact a lawyer and the reasons why:

  • DUI: Getting a caught driving under the influence is a very serious offense, it would most likely be in your best interest to contact a dui lawyer immediately. When hit with a dui you could be looking at some serious fines at best, worse case scenario would be to lose your license and face jail time. A dui lawyer can review your case for you to see if there is any way to either get it dismissed or reduced by checking the arrest records and helping you to understand your legal rights.

  • Divorce: If you are going through a divorce you may think it’s going to be smooth sailing but this isn’t always the case. Generally, calling a divorce lawyer (or family law attorney) when children, money, property or assets are involved would be in your best interest. These types of lawyers can help to keep things reasonable and fair so that you get your fair share of assets and custody of any children.

  • Injury: For claims that involve things like malpractice or severe injuries you will want to contact an attorney, a lot of times just the knowledge that these attorneys are on your side and ready to go is enough to intimidate the other side and show you mean business. Malpractice cases almost always end up in court so make sure to choose an attorney who is experienced in medical malpractice cases because you can bet that whatever doctor or hospital you are up against will have very competent lawyers.

Every day lawyers help people through cases large and small, in every aspect of legal situations and can come in handy at desperate times. Although, some Americans do choose to represent themselves in court, which is fine in some instances, but making that decision for one of the above situations could cause you to regret your decision after it’s too late to rectify. So unless you are very adept at representing yourself in court (or learn very quickly) you should get a recommendation for a reputable dui lawyer, malpractice attorney or injury lawyer to handle your case.

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