Why Do You Need a Lawyer for Your Disability Claim?

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Did you know that 22% of all slip and fall accidents resulted in over a month away from work? If you?ve been dealing with a disability claim and your employer or your insurance has been fighting you when it comes time to pay out, you may be needing the services of a legal representative. We?ve all heard that lawyers can be expensive, and this is the reason many people put off paying for one. However, there?s a reason that many people ultimately end up hiring one. Let?s review.

More than 1.5 Million People File for Bankruptcy Each Year

If you aren?t receiving the money you?re due, it can have real consequences for your everyday life. Medical bills are one of the number one reasons people need to file for bankruptcy in the U.S., and you could become part of this statistic if you?re not careful. A lawyer will not only fight for you, but they will also make sure you are getting enough money to actually support your needs now or in the upcoming years if necessary. $20,000, for example, can seem like a lot in a settlement — until you realize that you?re projected to need $40,000 in medical care. And then it isn?t quite enough.

A Disability Claims Lawyer is Experienced in Court

What can seem like impossible legal jargon and runaround is an average day for your lawyer. They?re going to know what to do, how to do it, and when to do it, ensuring that your case runs smoothly. You don?t want to make a mistake that jeopardizes your entire settlement, but it?s easier to do than you think, especially if you?re not very familiar with this section of law (or any section of law, for that matter).

Disability Lawyers Know How to do Due Diligence

Research is an important part of presenting a strong case for a disability claim. This extends from the basics, such as records of your doctor exams, to the less obvious, like researching into your company?s habits, past, and overall adherence to correct procedures in order to prevent accidents like the one you experienced. A lawyer has aids with experience in uncovering the facts you need to aid your trial.

They’re on Your Side

Ultimately, trying to obtain a settlement can be an extremely trying experience. It can help on a psychological level to have someone on your side. This way, you won’t be bullied into taking less than what you’re owed.

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