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  • It’s important that you know your rights as an employee so that you can stand up for them. Some you probably know well, such as your right to work free of discrimination of harassment, while others may be less familiar to you. But where do these rights actually come from? Here’s an overview of the [...]

  • Unfortunately, accident injury lawsuits aren’t always as straightforward as late-night commercials for auto accident law firms can make them seem. In particular, there are many misconceptions regarding car accident settlements and what should be expected in terms of pain and suffering damages. Part of this confusion has to do with the fact that laws regarding [...]

  • Being injured in a car accident can be scary not only because of the accident itself, but because of all the logistical headaches and financial concerns that come along with the situation. But you should know that there is a legal framework that is designed to help you through this process. Of course, you’ll want [...]

  • The term personal injury refers to the event of a person sustaining a bodily injury, usually as the result of someone else’s negligence. In the United States, there are about 31 million injures each year that require medical attention, and many of them result in personal injury cases. Here are three of the most common. [...]

  • If you’ve experienced injury in a car crash and need a settlement to cover your medical expenses and other costs associated with the injury, then in most cases you’ll need the services of an auto accident law firm. But what services, exactly, will you need? There’s actually more than one legal route for you to [...]

  • Finding a lawyer is usually just an added stressor to an already confusing and complicated situation, but it really doesn’t have to be. After suffering a personal injury, the help of a lawyer is going to be invaluable to you, so it’s important to find one as soon as possible. Here are a few important [...]