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  • You have worked for most of your life, supporting yourself and your family. You were just injured as a result of neglect on your job, and you are probably feeling scared and stressed over the entire problem. What will you do for money while you are receiving the appropriate medical care? Who will pay for [...]

  • Getting hurt on the job can be a traumatic experience in many ways other than physical. In fact, dealing with the physical pain is usually only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to sustaining a physical injury on the job. There are also several emotional and mental challenges that follow the pain of [...]

  • You may have noticed how rapidly the country’s attitude towards pot has been changing. There are currently 23 states, plus the District of Columbia (DC), have approved its use for medical reasons. There are 16 states, and DC, where the use of pot has been decriminalized and two where it is legal for any reason [...]

  • No matter how careful you are, accidents happen. When these accidents happen at work, employees can find themselves dealing not only with health concerns, but also stressful legal issues. In 2013, there were over 900,000 reported cases of occupational injuries and illnesses that led to missed work. In the same year, American workers missed an [...]

  • Did you know that 22% of all slip and fall accidents resulted in over a month away from work? If you?ve been dealing with a disability claim and your employer or your insurance has been fighting you when it comes time to pay out, you may be needing the services of a legal representative. We?ve [...]

  • A landmark asbestos case has finally reached the settlement stage in Charlotte, NC. EnPro Industries has announced that they will be paying out $480 million in current as well as future personal injury claims that relate to asbestos problems. The settlement will cover cases coming from EnPro as well as its parent company and former, [...]

  • It was the hot pink bikini that first caught everyone’s attention. The neon colored striped bikinis got a few comments as well. Some how your anniversary trip to the Cayman Island turned into a bikini shoot for your wife. Looking back at the number of pictures your wife was posting on social media it would [...]

  • There are 1,268,011 lawyers in the United States, including criminal lawyers, appeals lawyers, DUI lawyers, robbery defense lawyers, and more. If you are not employed in the legal field, you might find that legal lingo can be hard to decipher. Here are some quick explanations in simpler terms. What is a civil case? A civil [...]