Are You Afraid That Your Marriage Is Ending?

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It was the hot pink bikini that first caught everyone’s attention. The neon colored striped bikinis got a few comments as well. Some how your anniversary trip to the Cayman Island turned into a bikini shoot for your wife. Looking back at the number of pictures your wife was posting on social media it would appear that someone else had even been helping take some of the barely clad photos of your wife. You tired of the photo requests quickly. By day three of the anniversary vacation someone finally posted the question everyone had been thinking. Where is your husband? We thought it was a trip that you both went on.
Looking back, that was an indicator of how things had been going. The anniversary trip in January was an attempt to have the two of you spend some time together. Your parents agreed to watch your 12 year old daughter and the plan was that you and your wife would enjoy some great weather together for a few days. And you have to admit, most days started out together. You both got up and worked out together and then showered and headed for the private beach. As your wife drank one exotic cocktail after another, however, you quickly tired of where the day was heading. She was the party girl who seemed to meet every male at the resort. Posting pictures of herself and her new friends, while photos of you were few and far between.
The final straw may have been when your wife posted the social media “Favorites” meme. The Most Liked photo was a picture of your wife and with two other men who frequented the weekend bar scene. The Talked About picture was of your wife, with a drink in hand, standing at the front of a large group of friends at a 10:00 am St. Patrick’s Day bar party.
After 15 years of being married, you decided it was tome to file for a legal seperation.
Are You Getting Ready to File Papers for a Legal Seperation?
Deciding to end a marriage can be difficult. Once you have reached that decision, however, it makes sense to find a trusted attorney for representation. Without an attorney, the legal seperation and the following divorce proceedings will be more of a challenge and more stressful.Finding an attorney with expert legal knowledge, however, can make an already difficult situation easier to complete.
Statistically, divorces are almost common in America. What is not common, however, is good legal representation. So, making finding a good lawyer a priority will help you be fully prepared for the legal proceedings.
Consider the following divorce statistics in America:

  • 20% to 25% of mediation groups indicate that an affair was the reason for a divorce.
  • 80% of individuals filing for a divorce indicate that deterioration of intimacy is the reason.
  • 42% of U.S. marriages end in divorce.
  • Women initiate 80% of the divorces in America.
  • Couples who disagree about finances at least once a week are 30% more likely to get a divorce when compared to couples who only disagree about finances once a month.
  • 60% of second marriages in America end in divorce.

A Great Family Attorney Is Even More Important In Divorces That Include Child Custody Decisions
Making the decision to end a family is difficult enough, add in children and the process becomes even more complicated. In almost all cases, in fact, decisions about child custody are made through a formal legal proceeding. In fact, a 2013 report indicated that nearly 90% of child support agreements were formal legal agreements. These agreements, established in court or through a government agency, make it easier to make sure that rules are being followed and that child custody is being paid.
Without the proper paperwork in place, for instance, it is difficult to monitor visitation rights and other joint custody issues. Did you know, for instance, that $100 billion is currently owed in unpaid child support? Legal papers, however, can help judges and other local officials make sure wages are garnished or other measures are taken to remedy missing and late child support.
If you are to the point of wanting a legal seperation, it is already time to consult an attorney.

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