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  • It’s one of the most common thing that injury attorneys hear when dealing with auto accident claims: I wish I knew what I needed to know before I ever got into a wreck. When you are injured in a car accident, the insurance companies who are responsible for paying for your damage obviously work to [...]

  • In the United States, divorces are unfortunately more common than ever. Researchers have estimated that 40-50% of all first-time marriages in the United States will end in divorce proceedings. That amounts to one divorce approximately every 36 seconds, which means divorce attorneys are constantly taking on new cases. The logistics of a divorce, though never [...]

  • Filling out and successfully completing a disability application can be a long and frustrating process, especially if you’ve never done it before. However, there are a few things that should be able to help you out. The first step in successfully completing a disability application is knowledge on the subject. So to help you gain [...]

  • While most people believe that the legal system exists to protect the innocent, that’s not the whole story. Especially in cases of domestic violence and assault, a simple argument that escalates can leave you facing assault charges. Assault is defined differently by different states but can become a serious felony charge. For anyone facing such [...]

  • If you have been in accident you know that there is nothing that it is easy to get far behind in bills. Especially if you are the primary bread winner in your home, your injury can set back your finances by thousands of dollars. With the stress of the injury and all the associated financial [...]

  • If you’re married, chances are more than likely that you’ll get a divorce. Sorry to burst your happily-married bubble, but the numbers don’t lie. While 59% of first marriages make it to “happily ever after,” studies have found that only 40% of second marriages have similar luck. By your third marriage, you’re looking at a [...]

  • When you walked down that aisle to your spouse and said I do, you probably never imagined going through a divorce settlement with them. Most people do not, and this is why most people are not prepared when a divorce is requested. You build a life together with this other person, purchasing and selling items [...]