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  • Every single year there are a large number of American workers that are hurt throughout workplaces. These people will end up getting hurt either through the fault of their own or through the fault of their employers. If the latter is the case, then these employees need to make sure they seek out a work [...]

  • Everyone has different goals and aspirations in life, but one thing that everyone has in common is the need and desire to stay safe and free from harm or injury. Of course, it does no good to worry about every little risk that life might present, in fear of pain or death, for it is [...]

  • Although a timeshare contract is a binding legal document, it has provisions for termination just like any other legal contract. However, most timeshare companies continue to imply that their contracts are non-rescindable. This has led to many uncertainties in the timeshare sector as more and more people are feeling entrapped. In fact, 85% of timeshare [...]

  • Owning a car can be one of the most convenient things to have, especially if you have frequent travel or commute requirements. Being able to go where you need to with minimum hassle can definitely add a lot of convenience to your life, but it also brings quite a number of responsibilities. Driving can be [...]

  • Your success is only as good as your resources. This applies to nearly any area of your working life…so why wouldn’t it when you find yourself in a bind? Auto claims, workers compensation benefits and bankruptcies affect people every single day. Stress doesn’t wait for a good day to strike and can only worsen when [...]