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4 Ways Elder Care Attorneys Help Their Clients

Throughout the world, the senior citizen population is rapidly increasing. Over the last 10 years, the population of individuals over the age of 65 has increased by 33%. As you get older, you’ll start to face major decisions. These decisions determine how those around you are taken care after you pass away. Considering the seriousness of these decisions, it’s wise to consider having an elder care attorney on your side. With that in mind, here are four ways elder care attorneys help their clients.

  1. Preparation of Living and Last Wills

    You’ve likely heard the importance of having a will of your own. However, it’s important to note that there are multiple types of wills. Fortunately, an estate planning lawyer can help you take care of both of these situations. A living will covers what should be done in order to prolong your life. On the other hand, a Last Will and Testament entails what you’re leaving behind and who it will go to. Without a Last Will and Testament, you have no control over how or where your estate and wealth ends up. Therefore, it’s wise to have an estate planning attorney prepare your Last Will and Testament.
  2. Appointing a Guardian

    Unfortunately, many seniors are currently living without a guardian in their lives. In fact, statistics from 2017 found that nearly 45% of older women age 75 and older were living by themselves. As people age, they’re known to lose their ability to think clearly. Fortunately, an estate planning lawyer helps ensure their clients have some type of established guardian. This means having someone to make important decisions on your behalf.
  3. Watching Over Your Finances

    One study found that the number of people living throughout the United States over the age of 65 will increase to 98 million by the year 2060. Considering that, many people are waiting to prey on the financial security of senior citizens. With that in mind, you’ll definitely want an estate planning lawyer on your side. A lawyer can help protect your finances from scammers. It’s also difficult for senior citizens to keep with taking care of debts as they get older. An estate planning lawyer will make sure that taxes and other debts are taken care of.
  4. Handling Care Concerns

    Senior citizens can end up dealing with a wide range of medical conditions. Therefore, it’s commonplace for these individuals to need to visit multiple medical specialists. Keeping track of appointments and payments can become quite difficult for certain senior citizens. Estate planning attorneys take care of their client’s medical needs, coordinating customized care plans. This means seniors won’t have to worry about whether or not they’re receiving adequate care.

In closing, it’s important to understand the benefits of hiring an elder care attorney. Issues often arise quickly throughout the life of a senior citizen. With that in mind, it’s wise to start planning for your future now. Estate planning attorneys provide many helpful services that prepare you for the rest of your life. It’s not advisable to take on planning your estate by yourself. If you’re ready to make the smart decision of preparing for the future, contact an estate planning attorney right away.

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