How Much do You Really Know About DUI? Test Your Knowledge!

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DUI policies can sometimes be difficult to navigate, especially since they can vary from state to state. Regardless, it’s important to have a basic knowledge of DUI laws, as well as the policies that most of them share. So how much do you know about DUI? Time to find out!

Do zero tolerance laws refer to drivers?

No. Zero tolerance laws actually refer to people under the legal drinking age who have consumed alcohol. These laws are strictly enforced, and in all 50 states as well. However, the blood alcohol content (BAC) levels vary from state to state. In most states, like Ohio, the BAC must be .02, but levels range from .00 to .02. Not only can underage drivers be prosecuted, but the people who provided the alcohol can face severe punishment as well. Moral of the story: don’t condone or enable underage drinking.

Can a police officer pull you over at any time?

No. Any DUI attorney will tell you that before a police officer can pull your over, they must have valid reason to do so. Whether by eyewitness report or experiencing the situation firsthand, an officer must have evidence that suggests a driver is intoxicated. Indications often include running red lights and stop signs, swerving in and out of your lane, or any other suspicious activity on the road.

Can a DUI affect me for the rest of my life?

Yes. A DUI leaves you with a criminal record that could affect your entire future. New DUI laws and existing state DUI laws are put in place and enforced to ensure the safety of you, as well as everyone around you. Endangering the lives of others in such a reckless way has serious consequences. In fact, it can have a negative effect on your future employment prospects, as well as your ability to attain loans.

Can I hire any attorney to represent my DUI case?

No. In order to have your best chance at walking out of court relatively unscathed, you need to find the best DUI attorney available to you. These professionals can inform you of DUI laws by state, as well as help you understand the effects of DUI policy on your case based on your location. Without a good DUI attorney, your punishment under the law will be much more severe.

Driving drunk is a criminal offense, and isn’t treated lightly. Taking the time to stop and think before endangering the lives of countless people is important. Make sure you stop and think before you drink and drive.

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