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A Look At Common Reasons To Hire A Lawyer In the United States

If you have never needed to be in a courtroom setting before, it is unlikely that you are familiar with proceedings. If you find yourself at either end of a legal case or law suit, whether you have been hurt in an accident or have been found liable of such damages, everything from the courtroom to the legal proceedings can seem terrifying and hugely overwhelming. Fortunately, a skilled, competent, and experienced lawyer can help you to avoid the courtroom entirely as in the vast majority of all personal injury cases (of which only four percent or so actually ever see the inside of a courtroom). But if you do end up in a courtroom to determine the outcome of your case, your attorney can help you to navigate it as well as as you possible can, protecting your best interests and giving you the best chances possible.

Personal injury cases, for instance, are one of the most common legal matters dealt with by lawyers in the United States. As any personal injury lawyer can tell you, a personal injury claim is most likely to come up in the aftermath of a car accident. The work of a car accident attorney is never truly done, as car accidents and crashes have been found to make up a solid half of all the personal injury cases that are seen in the course of just one year in the United States. In part, this can be attributed to the fact that car accidents in the United States are simply just so common, with as many as six million, both major ones as well as minor ones, occurring in the time span of a single year. From these millions upon millions of car accidents, it is estimated that more than thirty thousand people will have died as a result of their car accident injuries and traumas before the year is over. And even more people are injured in car accidents all throughout the year, as many as three million people in total (though it must be noted that these injuries will range from the very serious ones to injuries that are much, much more minor and even inconsequential to the quality of life of the injured party). With all the destruction that car accidents can lead to, it is even more horrifying to find out that many can be prevented – never leading to injury, never leading to courtroom involvement.

Such car accidents are often caused solely by the practice of driving under the influence. Driving under the influence of drugs is hugely common even apart from driving under the influence of alcohol, making up more than fifteen percent of all the car accidents that occur over the time span of just that one year. When you factor driving after drinking alcohol back into that number and percentage, it climbs even significantly higher. In fact, the average drunk driver will drive while intoxicated as many as eighty times before they are eventually arrested, either because of a crash or because they were pulled over. And every single day as many as five thousand intoxicated drivers are stopped and charged with a DUI or similar charge. However, as many as three hundred thousand people are driving drunk at any given moment on roads, major and minor alike, all throughout the United States, meaning that only a very slim fraction of these intoxicated drivers are ever actually caught, thus making the road a more dangerous place for everyone on it, including the intoxicated drivers themselves. When these events and instances of drunk driving lead to a car accident and severe injuries or even death, the victims are likely to sue the drunk or otherwise intoxicated driver for settlement money. Fortunately, it is likely that this case, with the help of a skilled and experienced personal injury attorney, will never see the inside of a courtroom and will be able to be fully settled outside of one, as most people as well as your legal professional, will look to avoid entering courtroom proceedings whenever it is at all possible or probable.

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