Meet Kirsten Pabst, Missoula County Attorney

Kirsten pabst missoula county attorney

Because a county attorney will serve a four-year term, you want that term to be bright and put a stop to as much crime as possible. That’s why Kirsten Pabst, Missoula County Attorney, is dedicating her time to Missoula County in Montana to dedicate her time to changing the way crime runs in Montana and making all the difference. Some of the biggest crimes that happen in this area? Property crimes, drug crimes, and sexual crimes. Statistics show that, in Missoula, your chances of becoming a victim of assorted property crimes is 1 in 22. However, because of the dedication from attorney Kirsten Pabst and many other organizations, crimes decreased in Montana by 31% since 2000 alone. Each year, an average of 3,641 crimes are being committed every year in Missoula, and Kirsten wants to change these rates. If there is anything we can do to stop crimes from being a common occurrence, she will help make it happen to better her county.

Violent crimes are constantly occurring across Montana, which is why she dedicates her time and resources to implement better programs that sway criminal defendants from these horrific crimes that leave huge impacts on a community. In 2016, over 800 sexual crimes and 4,000 domestic violence cases were reported throughout the entire state of Montana. Over 60% o the violent crimes taking place in Missoula in the attorney’s office arise from domestic violence cases, which is why Kirsten knows that we need to have programs that sway criminals from taking advantage of their loved ones, which can lead to devastating results for some. Because every 98 seconds, somebody is assaulted in the U.S., there obviously need to be changes – and quickly.

Kirsten Pabst Missoula County Attorney Making Strides

In 2016, Missoula County’s own Kirsten Pabst took a huge step in the right direction and launched Montana’s first formal Criminal Mediation Program, that would help take strides in the right direction and hopefully lead to the reduction of crimes in years to come. This is why Kirsten has been named the Criminal Justice Professional of the Year, for her innovative ideas and commitment to her community. She will continue to serve Missoula County and make the most of her time there.

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