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Are You the Victim of Employment Discrimination?

Thomas e. scott

Finding and obtaining a job is a difficult process. Many people will have to do it numerous times to actually land a position. Many times, you will make it through the prescreening process, the testing part and maybe even an interview or two before you are informed that you were not chosen for the position. There are many reasons that this can occur, some of which are legal and some which are illegal. If a company chooses a candidate over another one because of their qualifications, experience and interpersonal skills, this is legal. However, if a company denies an applicant based on their age, their race or their handicapped ability, this is illegal. This has and does happen. If you feel that you were wrongly denied a position with a company based on an illegal act of discrimination, it is best to consult with an employment discrimination attorney.

1 in 3 black Americans say they have experienced discrimination within the past year. This might be in the form of not being chosen for a position because of their color, not being offered a promotion based solely on their race or even being treated poorly as a result of their color. 50% of black Americans have experienced discrimination in the workplace or in the voting booth. Fortunately, someone who is dealing with employment discrimination has options for mediation services and to file a lawsuit for damages and retribution.

Civil rights laws protect our nation?s people from being discriminated against in many setting, with workplace being one of them. Class actions lawsuits have been filed when it is noticed that one company is constantly discriminating against certain groups of people. This can been present in colleges and workplaces, where the admitting staff will choose the candidates based solely on their age, color and handicap abilities. Class action lawsuits are generally easier to prove in the court, because there are multiple candidates who were denied a position. One individual may find it tough to find the necessary proof that employment discrimination occurred, but an employment discrimination attorney is able to help with this.

Discrimination can occur in other settings, as well. Commercial cases may involve discrimination in a commercial contract bidding process or discrimination in choosing a commercial company based on the owners nationality, age or capabilities. Some people are discriminated against when it comes to housing. Some races and nationalities may be forced to live in poorer living conditions, by being shunned and discriminated against in certain communities. More than 40% of Americans are worried about indoor and outdoor air quality, carbon emissions, tropospheric ozone, particulate matter, sulfur oxides, volatile organize compounds, radon, refrigerants, and methane emission. Some individuals may be forced to live in poorer air quality cities as a result of housing discrimination. A qualified discrimination attorney can also help with housing discrimination cases.

Although our country has improved in regards to racism and sexism, discrimination still occurs in many settings. People are finding that they are wrongly discriminated against in employment settings, housing settings and commercial settings. An attorney that is familiar with discrimination cases is able to consult on these issues and provide the necessary steps that can be taken for retribution. Everyone is deserving of the same jobs, living conditions and commercial settings, regardless of their age, race or handicap disabilities.

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